I’m Free

My heart is broken, and left alone
No road to travel, no place to roam
No lover nor friend to save my soul
Watching my world spin out of control.
My body lie helpless,my breath is weak
I have no strength to get up off my knees.
No will to stand, no reason to fight
Nothing waiting for me in the morning light.
I'm no longer afraid to face the night.
Wrapped in a blanket of moon and stars
Suddenly I feel no pain in my heart.
My body begins floating, the air is so clean
No more tears to fall at my feet.
Take my last breath,and close my eyes
Hold out my arms,open and wide
I know this will be one hell of a ride.
As time moves on, and days come and go
You feel a chill deep in your soul
Each time the cold wind blows.
I wish you well,and a life so free
I pray one day you think of me
And see me flying through your dreams
I'll be the angel with a new set of wings.

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