I’m Glad to Meet You

My heart does rumble, rock, and roll
When you are knocking at my door.
For I do know with joy galore,
There are great things for me in store.
For when you come you always bring
Something good on which to cling.
It's like a fresh and new start spring,
That makes me jump and shout and sing.

My face breaks out in an open grin,
And like a toy top my emotions spin,
To once be graced by your presence again,
Which scaled my mood to the number ten.
I take a seat and look at you;
My toes tap dance down in my shoes.
I'm so excited, what do I do?
I want to yell aloud, "Yaa-hoo!"

A freedom rises deep in my chest,
As I am awed by you, my guest,
I welcome you with all my best,
And set you as my soul-set quest.
Bid the light above our heads
To lay upon us a golden spread,
Of colors of blue and green and red,
And bid us to the rainbow's bed.

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