I’m here just for you.

They say I’m gone and I’m no longer but I don’t agree.
I say that my presence is stronger because you’re thinking of me.
I was never here to prove myself to the world or leave a mark,
I only aimed to help you through the light and through the dark.
Even when I was by your side I was only there, because I was in your mind and could show you that I care.
That’s all you need to think of and I will never leave, just close your eyes and see my smile, please don’t feel you have to grieve.
Don’t think of me through rose tinted specs, remember my faults and things I got wrong. They helped make me who I am and made our love so strong.
I’m not gone because you’re not gone, I am your memories.
Live your life the best you can, have fun, make new discoveries.
My body was not what made me, for all I truly can be,
Is my quirks, my humour, my passions, my love, my sadness, fear and glee.
Remember all those stories and tell the embarrassing ones,
Don’t try and spare my blushes for future daughters and future sons.
That’s me, I am your stories. That’s me I am your laughs.
I am your tears and your smiles I’m in your future not your past.
I’m here just for you, no matter the time or day,
I will always listen, no matter what you need to say.
I’m here just for you, no matter the place or weather.
I’m here just for you, always and forever.

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A poem about the loss of a loved one