I’m Human and I Need to Cry

Cry until you run out of tears.
Cry until the sobbing becomes silent to you because you're so used to the sound of it.
Cry until your heart stops hurting.

You are afraid to cry because you're scared that the world will label you as weak. Crazy. Inhuman.
Inhuman? It is only human to cry, only human to feel pain, and only human to experience things that even you might not understand.
You are human. Cry.
If you hold in all those emotions for too long, you snap.
You snap from the pressure of holding so much weight on your back without taking a break. Without time to breathe.

I need to cry.
But I am afraid the world will label me as weak. Crazy. Inhuman.
I know I'm human. I'm strong but still stand with some weaknesses.
I'm strong but still think hope is gone.
I'm human but still feel nothing from time to time.
I'm human but still question my existence.

I'm human and I need to cry.

- words I'll never say in person because I would cry, by alexx

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This Poems Story

A lot of people struggle to express anything that relates to sadness. A lot of people are scared to cry in front of anybody, fearing that they'll be labeled as a weakling or an idiot, etc. Don't be afraid to cry. Crying is only human. Emotions are only human. Sadness, crying, everything. You aren't insane. Or crazy. Or weak. The strongest people are the ones who can let out emotions when they know they were holding them in for too long. You are human and you are strong. You can cry...