I'm Just A Creative Writer

I am just an artist in the creative writing spectrum the greatest I say it.
I'm who would be like to obtain some form of education in that raised.
I am educated and dedicated to the line and rhyme.
I am not ordinary by any chance at stance may the cure praying to Leviathan
not to renounce of my doings.

These that that are corrupt to me destruct sins to the matter of being direct
often hiding in silence mild a rinse off.
I could be playful and unusually it's sometimes always bar hopping difficult
depending on the context of the conversation.
It's simple for me to stay always serious oh but then.

I am not boring the king of my being much not a feeling such real in
the hoarding lines these rhymes.
I know it as I be grilling deceased mortal in the more with intelligent levels appealing
into change.
This is sent a feeling noting inside this building of a vent worthless.

I meant emotions in I don't have any willing to share.
It's me driven dispel I go the seed of love from her.
The love only for me burning the sweet smell of bodies those eyes to meet have not been.
Now it's so on not to beg instead things at less god you not the best
of the new set.

This at west of the corridor mesh over a peel I heal of my eyes during sight
nothing here yet just endless search for my friend.
Who is my best friend there the one and only to share?
It's in the unforgiving of me yes again done not to pretend our fate.

We would save me again that extend out through her soul.
She is saved my babe helps day to day night to night even in afterlife.
It is us were alright in flight in the flames.
It is to light up rage the stuck while we freeze out of touch away from us.

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