I'm Just A Flower

I’m a simple man living in a complicated world, what a chore
I enjoy the little things, while I live in a society that only wants more
Everybody wants the latest item; yet nothing is wrong with the old they just want the new
People act like they own their material items, but in reality they own you

People are so greedy, but can you blame them? Money rules all
We have to be so competitive just to make it, that’s why they’re rooting for you to fall
On the news, all I see are politicians and cops abusing their power
Sometimes I don’t want to be human; I’d rather be a flower

Yes a flower, so simple, passive and free
It doesn’t wake up in the morning, asking what’s wrong with me?
A flower just lives, and it soaks up the sun
And the expectations that flower has, are none

Unfortunately, I live in this world with this body and this mind
And I keep wondering if I should’ve been born in a different time
Why should I live in this world? It wasn’t made for me, is what I’ve felt
But the truth is we must live with the cards we are dealt

Oh the jealousy I feel when staring at a flower
Oh how I wish I could be that flower, if only for a single hour
To not have the thoughts I think or the feelings I feel everyday
I guess living life was meant to be hard, because there seems to be no easy way
You can have it all! All the fame, all money and all the power
Because deep down inside, I’m just a flower

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