I'm Like...

I'm like a ticking time bomb,
waiting for someone to trip a wire.
I'm like an old car with worn-out parts,
waiting to get a flat tire.
I'm like a boring old picture,
only those who have gotten used to it admire.
I'm like the old toy forgotten about,
when a shiny new one comes.
I'm the annoying tune
stuck in your head, you accidentally hum.
I'm the stupid TV show
without a new season, so it's all reruns.
I'm the loner at the party,
sitting in the corner not having any fun.
I'm the sad lonely girl crying in the school bathroom.
I'm the depressed scared child who will leave this world soon.
I'm the thing no one wants,
I'm the old parts, who people taunt.
I'm the thing I don't even want,
I'm the junk mail written in the ugliest font.

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