A message comes to me
Floating from the Sea
In a glass bottle
A cork closes the opening
Landing on the sand
Two words written on white paper show through the glass
Lying there like the message is meant for me
To come upon and see
“I’m Lost”
Written in black, bold print
“I’m Lost,” the World yells out
But only to those who care to look
Some turn the other way
Ignoring the crashing of the waves
A terrible thing to do
Leaving those suffering on their own
This time, I want to be different
I otherwise may have sent a reply saying, “I’m lost too, Sorry”
Today, I will walk out of the storm
However, not without first turning around
To the Ocean of misfortune and chaos
Sending out a reply to the message in a bottle
Writing as my hand shakes
“You will find yourself someday soon”

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