Im making sure youre wearing your seatbelt

My biggest fear is you not being next to me someday.
Whether it be because you fall out of love or
that you are ripped from my soft palms that
wish to do nothing but caress your
face.I remember sitting up at night afraid of the dark,
I am afraid of the dark no more.
For when you wrap me in your warm embrace my world is
lit up by your presence.
I could spend hours staring into your mocha brown eyes,
because they feel more like home than anything else.
We spent all spring break driving around in your car.
Singing each others favorite songs loudly and admiring
the bright blue sky through your sun roof.
Every time you would begin to drive you would notice
how I would snap my head sharply and look at the middle
of your chest but you could never figure out why.
One day though as you reversed the car whilst holding
my hand in yours you noticed the snap of my head,
you looked at me puzzled and uttered,"Why do you always
look at me like that?" After a hesitant pause I looked
at you and mumbled "I'm making sure you're wearing your
seat belt," you smiled,for it was at That moment you realized
I cared about you,at that moment you realized I
never want to lose you,at that moment you realized.
I was in love with you too.

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