I\’m Not Good At Poetry

Poetry a very confusing art
It also depends on if you use your heart
I can never hop on the poetry train, because its not me
I’ve seen people write them out of the blue
As i’m watching having no clue

Maybe I can’t get on that level of them
I’ll have to practice on it then
I see my teacher is good at it
Out of all the subjects this one won’t quit

That one lady came to our school could read off her mind
I’m over here like “In my head i’m blind.”
You know what i’m good at, being funny
Sometimes I laugh so hard at my own jokes I start to cry and my nose gets runny

Me trying poetry is a baby taking its first step
Instead I fall everytime and it hurts my rep
I like to eat head cheese
See now i’ve got the breeze
A classmate showed me there was a such thing as head cheese
Now when I think of it,it sounds like cottage cheese
Your reading this and wondering,”Why is this student always blundering”
I tried at poetry I think I did good
Now, “Anything you misunderstood?”

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