I'm Not Lazy, I'm Just Depressed

Depression doesn't always mean beautiful girls with
visible scars on their wrists
Sometimes it means lying in bed for hours because you
can't convince your body it's capable of movement
Sometimes it means being on the verge of tears every
second of every hour of every day for weeks at a time
because you can't call in sick with depression
To love someone with depression takes a certain kind of
person, the best kind of person
If you do love someone with depression,
Just know that we're going to be tired, constantly
Don't let us stay in bed all day
We'll cancel plans to stay home and watch Netflix
Take us out anyways
We're going to cry over a spilled cup of coffee
Don't make it seem like it's a big deal
We're going to need constant reassurance that we're
wanted, because most days, we don't want to stay
It doesn't make any sense, and it's impossible to
understand, but imagine how we feel, just for a second
Imagine how we feel, fighting with our own mind to
want to stay alive, fighting invisible demons every day
Imagine feeling like you're constantly on the outside,
Always looking in, always a stranger in your own mind
Always wanting to fix your life and feel better,
But knowing that there isn't a fix for any of it

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