I’m Not Sorry

The World never meant to make you feel so weak
A picked flower still has roots
Trust in this Universe
Your Life is not over
You go down too deep
To have one experience knock you dead
You will grow again
Unapologetic and a lot more authentic,
You’ll find your way
Maybe your Life gets flipped the other direction
Like somersaulting through a downhill maze
To save yourself from tumbling
You will get through this
Coming out on the other side so much wiser
Your roots could now grow the Garden of Eden
Trust the forces that say:
“The power is within you”
Get up and start re-growing
Shape your brain into a Mecca of experiences
This may not be easy
But the view is great
Better than hiding in the darkness
When the World knocks you down
Your reply should be:
“I’m not sorry that you thought I was weak”
Re-claim your life into something better
Scream, “plot change!”
And keep going…

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