I’m Not the One

He says he wants a girl
Who isn’t confusing.
When I asked if I was,
He said not at all.
But I’m not the one.

He says he wants a girl
Who loves his singing voice.
For he would sing to her every day.
I love everything about him
But I’m not the one.

For some reason, he doesn’t see it.
For some reason my hopes are high.
But I need to let those feelings go
Because he clearly thinks I’m not the one.

I have seen him at his best and his worst
And he has seen me at mine.
We are best friends forever
Always, through and through
Because I’m not the one.

He says I know too much about him.
It’s only because I love to be around him.
We laugh and laugh, cry and cry
Together about anything and everything.
But I’m not the one.

He jokes about how much I love him.
I brush it off, but he’s right.
After our heart to heart
And that suspenseful kiss
I still am not the one.

We were face to face
His eyes were on me
But I kept looking away.
We lean in slowly
But I’m still not the one.

When he looks at me
With his brown eyes
I see something that
Others could never decipher.
But I’m not the one.

When that girl he thinks
Is the one for him decides
To break his heart to pieces,
I hope he realizes someday
That I really was the one.
When his eyes are filled
With tears of pain
And comes running to me
For the comfort he needs,
He’ll see it. I was the one.

Knowing him, he may never realize it.
He’ll be blinded by lights that I can’t outshine.
Though I know my light is not dim in his life.
I can only brighten his darker days
Even though I’m not the one.

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