I'm Running

From you
Far away
Troubles go away
You’ll find me at this rate
Dancing lightly with the waves of chaos
I suddenly stop
I’m going the other way
Trouble will you be my partner?
Now we’re dancing together
I’m done escaping
I’m here to stay
On top of the Universe, we tap dance
Running is the biggest tragedy
Going nowhere
Your arms might as well be flailing
Drowning as trouble watches
Get off that clock
Renew your time on this Earth
Dance with your troubles like a graceful angel
Still alive and kickin’ it
Like Bruce Lee mastering the moves of kick boxing
You got this
Troubles are steppingstones
Not a racetrack
So move your feet
To the beat of embracing this experience
Towards you
Closer and closer
Telling your troubles,
“Try me”

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