I’m running

By Alexis   

I'm Running.
That's right. I'm running.
Running from these butterflies you implanted in my belly.
Running from the way you make me blush with the compliments that you give me.
Running from the thoughts of us and the things that could never be.
Running from the reality of the situation that...
You wasnt made for me.
Even though..
When we talk on some real life, serious mode
You've shown me a beautiful side of you that i never would have known
Your an immaculate, wonderful person that has left my mind blown..
I mean you almost had me gooonnneee...
Mmm mmm mmm...
I feel so connected with you..
I want to talk for hours with you..
I want to spend more time with you..
I want to put my mouth on you..
But then I always end up lacing back up my track shoes..
Finding my self running from these feelings I've developed for you.
Running from the feelings that are gaining strength every time we converse.
Running from the feelings that hold so much meaning but could end up so much worse.
Running from the love that wants to penetrate you until it's our time to sleep in the dirt.
I'm running.
Not because I'm a heartbreaker but because I'm trying not to break them.
Our significant others would be hurt, betrayed with a lot of mayhem.
I don't think I could ever do that to them but..
My selfish emotions would agree to disagree because
In my own selfish heart, I want you all for me.
I don't want to share you with anybody.
But like always in my life, nothing really works in my favor
So, I'll just keep running and stay on my best behavior.

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