I'm so over Mean People

I have no excuses because I’m not the best person,
But I believe Life is better lived not so bitter
Brilliant specimens walk this wide globe of Earth
The coming scientist to cure cancer was yesterday’s newborn
A lead in the music revolution has already listened to the rhythm of a mother’s heartbeat
Wise music makers rise old and young in years of age
Brilliant minds of the Universe spread far in range
When the power of purpose is released
Into a Life that’s spectacular,
And destiny isn’t left weeping in fate’s darkest corners,
Yet no magic disperses from abandonment
Step into a new World for just this moment
Where poetry serves the public in acts of valor
The words found here
Spilling from my broken character,
Are not to save the wretchedly bitter,
But only to guide out a string of visions
Insisting a better place for all of us

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