I’m So Sick Of

I'm sick of being blamed for lies when it was love the only reason why I tried
Please stop trying to get me to fall for your commercials when you're putting my life in spiritual danger
I'm not interested in the glits or the glamor
They will not get me into Heaven
Only Christ will
There's a spiritual reason why you mistreat me
Because you're an Anti-Christ and hate is live for you on Calvary
Please stop blaming me for the sins you have committed
When Christ sacrificed His life for
You and me
I'm saved already
What about you?
Before His throne you are no different,
No better, never exempt than me
So please stop hurting me
With your lies
I should never have to wonder why
Christ is using me to cover your
Messed up you
So don't call me your friend then slap my life in Christ with evil boo
Everybody that that shouts Lord Lord or Hallelujah ain't saved until they meet a real
Believer like me
Everyone else around me can blurt out
However they feel but Christ believers are
Wrong for speaking real.
Lord, I'm so sick of this world you created today
That refuses to do things your way
But every hater will now before you
When you return
Because not them,
Only you are God alone smh

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