Im sorry

I'm sorry dad for whatever i did to make you hate me.
I'm sorry that i was born it's not my fault you made me
I am human but every time you look at me you you're hurt me
I'm sorry for what i have done I'm sorry for not being the perfect girl you wish i was
I don’t know why i exist since in your eyes i'm such a mistake
And you hurt me and take everything that i love
When i was a baby everything was like a beautiful dove
Not a care in the world but the older i got The more i wanted to put my life to a stop
Dad you broke my heart before any boy had the chance
Im your own daughter and you don’t see how much you hurt me
Loving and caring and always there makes a father Those are things you, my dad never will be
I do not have a father i hate the person you became
I am not the person my parents want me to be
I'm a daughter with a silent father It's not like he care nor that he bothers
Just remember every time you ignore me you're teaching me to live without you
Which has been my life even tho your present with me
You're a shadow in my world that doesn't actually exist
Tho your heart may beat every second of the day
And I'm in the shadows living in all the pain Your are not a real father and never will you be
You call me names like stupid and dumb Then i start to wonder if you are correct
Everyone around me looks like they have a real father figure That love and cares about them
But then i look at you and am disappointed thinking is it my fault
What have you become. You don't show your feeling nor show that you care
That may be normal for some people but for you i can't bear
Money doesn't buy everything but in your world it buys love
You have never really been there for me thru the ups and downs
My sister is always first the special one
And i'm just the cold one that everyone treats like stone And as i tell you how i feel today
No matter what tomorrow and the day after that i will always feel the same
I'm sorry dad for what i did I'm sorry dad i'm just not a kid
You hurt on the inside and out i'll never be fixed i'm like a broken toy
And tho to this very day i tell you how i feel
I'm sorry dad for ever making you mad and being a disgrace
Just like you and everyone else says i was misplaced!

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