I’m Sorry

"I'm sorry" doesn't bring me back my day and my years.
"I'm sorry" doesn't dry up all my fallen tears.
"I'm sorry" won't turn back the hands of time.
"I'm sorry" won't pull out the knife in my spine.
"I'm sorry" doesn't unbreak the rules you broke.
"I'm sorry" doesn't unspeak the words you spoke.
"I'm sorry" won't heal all the pain I hide.
"I'm sorry" won't change the way I feel inside.
"I'm sorry" doesn't change how you messed up bad.
"I'm sorry" doesn't doesn't give me back everything I had.
"I'm sorry" won't ever make anything okay.
"I'm sorry" won't ever be the right words to say.
"I'm sorry" doesn't lessen your amount of guilt.
"I'm sorry" doesn't wipe up the blood that's been spilt.
"I'm sorry" won't ever help us see eye to eye.
"I'm sorry" won't ever be more than just another lie.

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