I'm Sorry

I know I should have told you, many years ago,
How much I really loved you, but couldn't let it show.
I tried so hard to speak the words you wanted me to say.
But every time my heart said yes, my pride got in the way.

If only I could turn back time and undo all my wrong
You'd still be here beside me, right where you belong.
In my heart and in my soul our love was so intense.
What was the reason I stayed mute? It just did not make sense.

When you left my mind went blank, my body wracked with grief.
Yet in a deeper darker place I felt a calm relief.
I can't pretend to second guess what this has done to you.
But in my heart I knew for sure, it's something I had to do.

You'll always be a memory I hold dear to my heart
I pray you'll feel the same for me although we're far apart.
Be happy darling live your life the best I know you can.
Maybe someday years from now we may just meet again.

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