I’m still here

I’m here when you are lonely, I hear you call my name
I live here in your heart Hun and I can feel your pain
I’m in the tears that fall from your eyes, every one you wipe away
I know that you can’t see me but I will never go away
If only I could touch you for a moment the comfort it would bear
When you feel that warming in your chest just know that I am there
I watch you through your struggles, I watch you sleep at night
Please know that I’m not judging, I just hope to be your guiding light
I’m there when you are laughing, I’m there when you are sad
I’ll be there for the good times and I’ll see you through the bad
So many lessons on this side, so many that I have learned
In times of your confusion please know to me you can always turn
I’ll listen with a loving heart and do my best to calm your fears
Doing what I can in spirit, hugging you through these tears
When you close your eyes you’ll see me, a treasured memory in your mind
My will for you is to live and love, please don’t think your leaving me behind
I’m proud of what you’ve conquered and the trials you’ve overcame
I’m sorry that I had to leave, and I’m sorry things will never be the same
Just know that I haven’t left you, I’m still here just in a different way
And though you may not hear me still, I tell you “I love you” every day.
By: Michelle Elder

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