I’m the capital RSP Poem.

I'm the capital RSP Poem.
I'm a true real man I speak what I feel I stand my ground when times get rough don't let my love caring side fool you I'm 6'5 with a strong ass fighter side ride till I die my passion is my biggest high I don't know your girl but she already knows me Capital RSP RooStar-Poetic I'm achieving for success nothing less.
The music comes on in my headphones uh oh look out I'm in the money making passion loving zone your hopes for my down fall will never be achieved watch out when your girl see's me I'm the capital RSP RooStar-Poetic. Your verbal and physical abuse will always be noticed.
Your looks on a attractive scale has me beat by a few points or that's what you think your zero to eight but I have you beat in all categories I'm zero to hundred late.
I've been through the good and bad I have been two percent from losing everyone and everything I have in this life of mine back in two thousand six.
I'm the capital RSP RooStar-Poetic I don't know your girl but she already knows my poetic world I'm bout that life changing success for someone who has it hard or good my true fans have always been by my side for the support love showing my haters still push to start I'm twenty four seven gassed up no breaks my love for my passion is just what it takes.

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