I’m the Monster of Frankenstein

They judge me by their first eye's glance,
Without even giving me a wisp of a chance.
I have never known a moment's grace,
Because of the appearance of my poorly stitched face.
For months I observed a family so fair,
A family who lived without a care.
Sadly, their love could not be shared with me,
Because of the monster my creator forced me to be.
He made my lungs to breath and then cursed my breath,
So I surrounded him with the breathless lungs of death.
If I couldn't have the approval of my creator,
Then those who had it would meet their maker.
I was never even given a name,
And that evil man was all to blame.
He made me so different from creature like him,
So I could be a monster to the children of men.
A man like him doesn't deserve a curious mind,
When he leaves all of the morals and ethics behind.
I wish I had never been made to live,
Because of the wickedness that all men give.
I hate my creator, that stupid fool,
For making my heart so empty and cruel.
For ruing the person I wanted to be,
If only people would've seen the me under me.

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