I\’m Trying (Society)

I’m trying to be fine with people judging me
I’m trying to not care, and to set myself free
They’re judging me for my values and my virtues
But I stop and think to myself, they must be confused.
They don’t know me, my life, thoughts, and actions.
They just say these things to grow their satisfactions.
I’m not okay with this, and maybe I never will be.
But I’m trying to convince myself that I can agree to disagree
That it’s okay to treat others like a fucking piece of crap,
To the point when they break, and something just snaps.
But I can’t, and you know why?
I’ve seen people die.
They’ve taken their own lives without saying goodbye
In reply to the assumptions that are made about who they are.
Though it’s not true, because nobody will listen, and it’s really bazar.
We live in a society where fitting into the crowd is the way to survive
Where being different makes you the odd man out
And being yourself, being unique, is a sin.
A bottle with a warning label may cause internal torment, and even death. So I try to lie and say that it’s fine
But two friends gone says I’m wrong
That I can’t lie, and it be fine cause when I’m done
They’re still gone.
If I don't do something about it then, Who?
If not now, then when?
Who will tell the stories of those gone
The ones that had a right to live on.
Who will help those struggling now?
The ones who are barely holding on to life by a thread,
Because of the things that people have said.
Society has a tendency to push people to their limits
Because society as a whole is filled with bigots.
So I am not fine, and never will be.
I refuse to sit quite, and agree to disagree.
I will change things,
All for the better,
because I know what it’s like,
To be society's target.
To feel alone in a room full of people.

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