I’m way too late to class.

The rain drizzled this morning.
The refreshing droplets burning tender skin.
The populated tower ahead.
Already creating burdens upon uncultured youth.
awaiting an inevitable return for a necessary education.

5 till’

Is it possible to turn back? To turn around?
Maybe, possibly, begin to break down?
Have I come too far? 
I don’t wanna go.

4 till’

The trees sway and watch alongside the bright flowers.
The grass sighs with sweet refreshment from the charcoaled sky.
My head spins a bit but the sky allows the refreshing dew to scrape my face.
I think back, long ago to before I’d decided to walk this road.

3 till’

Lying in sheets, holding on tight.
A safety net, a comfortable embrace
A warm chest, rising and falling amongst my own.
A cold night, a second of weakness.
A push towards him. Perseverance is it?

2 till’

I think of his arms around my waist, a firm grip.
He sighs and moves his arms around my neck, refusing to let me go.
Then, slowly, he’s taken over by the abyss.
His chest proceeds to rise and fall.
I lean in and brace myself against the slenderness.

1 till’

Shhh! It’s over.
The day continues and life goes on.
The night fades to white.
Blinding, incoherent light, dizzying, unaware.
Just a spot in a terribly unreliable memory.
Maybe it was just a dream.

There’s the bell.

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