Im Wearing a Mask

I guess what they say is really true.
Cant always be happy can you?
Considering myself as positive but yet a poser.
Pretending to be happy when im really not
When people look at me can they really see whats behind this mask?
Can they see past what i pretend to be?
Who knows maybe they can, i myself is indenial, no?
Choosing to pretend cause' i dont want people to know
i hide behind the shadows to hide my sadness.
i fall back and put on the"Happy mask" and act happy when im not.
Its that what you call fraud, someone who puts on an act?
But it sounds like it to me, so ill go with it.
if i could just throw all of my problems, i would.
If i could go back in time and fix what i did wrong i would,
But the past is the past so theres nothing i can do.
So why go back and try to fix it when you can just leave it?
This mask that i wear is nothing but a fake.
It hides my pain so others cant see.
It hides my sadness while i walk around pretending im always happy
No more shall i be the one wearing that mask, its not who i am.
Its time i threw it away and showed that is okay to be unhappy.

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