I’m Winning

They use to like you and now they go
They don't like seeing you win ya know
Just keep your head up
That's not what they want to see
They want to fall not be what you were meant to be
You're going this way, but if God don't want that for you
He'll put you on the path with what you are supposes to do
Please move aside, there is a a goal to reach
You don't know my story, guess I'll have to teach
your road has been long but you made it this far
you've never given up, that's just how you are
They may tease you and look at you like before
You stood up for yourself and they walked out the door
They use to like you and now they go
They don't like you winning ya know
Be grateful, stay humble, smile and say hi
Be friendly and remember who stood by your side
The path has finally changed, you're going places this time
I'm finally being excepted to write with rhythm and rhyme
You're now on the road looking over the land
God put you here to do all you can

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