I’m Worth Fighting For

Often times I felt like I wasn't good enough
To become something great
My heart would never be whole
I knew that I deserved other peoples opinions
That they had over my life
I was broken
I didn't want to accept those insecurities
That I "thought" I was hiding
I had value
I had something called pure quality
This was a time when I had to respect myself like no other
I wanted my image to be like those that I admired
Suddenly realizing that they were seeking other images as well
Hoping that I would find some truth within myself through them
I desperately needed everyone else to validate my worth
It wasn't how they viewed me but how God created me
God said in his word that we all are made in his image
So fighting for my eyes to see
The worth on the inside of me became a priority
When those who entered and walked out of my life
I had to deal with inner beauty
I didn't want to claim myself as being a unused product
That couldn't produce anything
I wanted to encourage and uplift the next female
Who may have been in my situation
Therefore, I turned off the switch of negativity
T734urned on my self worth appreciation
Now I love my self so much more
Because I see that I am worth fighting for

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