I’m Worth It

Look inside and Tell yourself
"I'm worth it"
Until it flows through your veins and you feel it
"I'm worth it"
Tingles through your spine and lights a spark in your heart.
Lights up a room with your presence, in the way you walk.
The way you meet eyes with someone
And those you choose not to make eye contact with
In the way you softly blink..
Like a pistol, in the way you think.
Mentality, Don't lay a hand on me.
Some compliments are too much
In the way you carry your heart around like its a shield
Some days you've taken too much.
"I'm worth it"
White flags don't wave from women with no fear.
And sometimes when you're worth it, the world disappears at your feet
Like sand on the shore of Manitou Beach
The waves will come soon and expose the weak
But not you, You're worthy.
Like clock work the tides rise.
Over and over you stand.

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