I’m Yet Too

stars there stars here, good for people who desolated we are stillborn.
with lopsided love, and limbs of their life not even levitated.
life like a lifeless soul, the soul that I am afraid to own.
thou, limbo world said, yet to prove with O alibies.
vulnerabilities parted me from my heavy, I am now up on my own weight scale.
steps toward me, I took, they said wazzock.
but I am yet to feel legless, I’m still not pale.
confidence burnt, it's quiet, quite in here, I cry I cry a lot,
I’m yet to strong.
moments are now countable, I’m being fetched.
they ask why those 2 ends of lips never look sky
net reasons are pity, they pull, they sink’em back down.
I try to try, I’m wrenched.
mine still in the middle, is rested,
last I checked out, I found
‘O’ I found those mist around, I loved it.
I’m yet to hate, my hobby thoughts, because mist only spy, it doesn't change things.
collywobbles rays from ma eyes, seein’em makes your cornier.
I’m yet to be proved tosh, like you, might feel my words are,
though not pricking me up, I only steal fuel from hate
I’m yet to be proved theif.
I’m yet to go count those ladders to hell as I steped’em stuck in the loop, hell is a one-way circle.
I’m yet to be board, till then
The sunshine, stars are there
big or far, fine powers are there,
I’m in the oceans of life,
I remember last time I screwed, now god hey!!!
No, he is not there,
but my lovely little sharks are there
I’m stillborn, a lot to learn, remember
so what if scars are there
hang tight, it’s not you who is getting weak
it’s your bad time, my dreams are molly, they are no weed,
It’s matter what you choose public and private both path are there
so good by a friend, go get if, you are here to concrete your voice,
I’m going now, as I’m
yet to prove, part-times are my sphere
yet to prove, part-times are my sphere.

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