Image of Love

If love is fair as fairest flower, as far as land beyond the sea, I'd love thee darling with my heart, I'd love thee love eternally.

For oceans gone and ages past, for peoples’ lives are clear to see, that time is wrong and you are not, for this my love hath I told thee.

Time flies by without control, beyond the timeless sands of sea, and if I ask thee for thou love, come fly with me beyond the sea.

The sun tis red, the moon tis gold, as a flower God hath not sold, a picture pretty as the dew, for my love I give my soul.

The rains may come, the clouds may blow, but ne'er my heart will ever show, a sign of peace until I prove, thou ist mine, my love ist true.

Far gone from peace of people's tombs, this lousy world is not too true, my love is pure, my soul is not, I love thee still despite the lack.

To show my love would be a task, as Plato says, "Gone with the past," for I now know without a doubt, that thou ist mine forgotten past.

Earth is pure, love tries too, and so my love I say to you, far gone from time on cloudless day, I'll stay with thee until tis May, and at that time when birds are free, I'll bid my love goodbye to thee.

David M. Beyer ©

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