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Images of You and Me

Your touch is invisible ink
Your words nails on a chalkboard
And I miss the tears
When they’re not there
Because they’re always present
Stinging my eyes
Painting watercolors down my cheeks
Tracing a path of you
But I always wipe them away
Pretend I’m fine
Pretend we’re fine
Pretend everything’s fine
Because how can I survive
Without the promise of you
The me without you
Is just a distant memory
Illustrated in the corner of my mind
In blurred ink
Another painting
I’ve wiped away
To keep the image of you
I hope one day I leave the tear imprints on my checks
To remind me how I feel when your words shatter my heart
Little things breaking me more than they should
Hurting me more every day
And I wonder
When I will stop trying to create art
Out of my broken shards
Because you only see yourself when you look at my mosaic
Never notice that I’m broken
Into millions of tiny mirrors
Because I’m trying to turn my broken pieces into art
Hoping if you find nothing but yourself in me
You’ll like what you see

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