Imaginary Friend

Remember when you were young?
The days when we played tag and you won
And challenged each other to who could hold pop rocks the longest on their tongue

The days I wish I could go back to, and cherish them forever
As now you don’t seem to notice me, as I turned into an observer

I was only invisible to everyone but you
But it seems as though you find me transparent too

And the days that flew by, Oh I wish you knew
How much I desire for you to return to being you

Because you’re not you
What happened to the giggling kid I one came to know?
The one I would find playing hilariously in the snow
With on simple rain boots and a baggy poncho
Even though your mum said not to, we didn’t care and we would go

Now look at you
Laying idle in bed
Except for crying over some guy you had just met

You never thought to come to me- or to anyone really
Instead you attempt to take comfort in your own self-pity

It breaks my heart to see you so young yet this depressed
Standing beside you, seeing that you have nothing left

And the tears that fall and stain your pillowcase,
Oh, I wish you would just save them for your wedding day
You will grow up and get through the hard times
And that’s the truth so don’t believe anything over wise

And I will become a memory, of your beloved childhood days
The ones that you favoured, but sped by in a haze
Even though we promised to have each other’s back on no end,
I suppose I’m easy to forget
For I’m just an imaginary friend.

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