Imagination Becomes Reality

By Da Poet   

A melody plays
as I spit a phrase
people seem amazed
by this verbal tapestry

My heart spills love lines
catapulted by the electric stimulus of my mind
producing explosive verses as it grows
through matter condensed with rhyme

A thought which took on life
like an article from a book
needing only one look
birthed souls creation

So I dispense with wasting time
translating echoes lost like it’s a crime
the intensity that was once mine
had gone hither

Recanting unpleasantries past
my heart hit warp speed beating fast
at this rate I know I won’t last
so I pray for peace and calm of the Master

HIS mercy and grace reeled me in
I’m healed headed for the High Road again
and this time I’m going to win
all because GOD lives within me


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