imagination land

Let’s escape this page
Let’s walk up the stairs to imagination land

Go into your brain
Now escape from the chains

You’re free, finally!
Now these lines won’t seem like an invention of lying

You can see my World like I do
We could both go to Venus to skidoo

Or grow a garden in our minds with beautiful roses
We could do anything with an open mind’s promises

Now back to you and me on this piece of paper
Have you escaped from reality yet as this poem gets longer?

Well good because that’s not what I want you to take away from this
I want you to remember you could turn reality into pure bliss

What I want you to take away from this is a new perspective
A new way to life and a new way to live

One with your imagination
You were created to create, so make life your creation

Use these couplets to say I want to live when your mind refuses
Are you ready for those intrusive thoughts to become debunked?

Yes please I want to feel better in a hurry
Well here you go mental illness those thoughts we’ll no longer burry

If you just want to die, say no I don’t get out of here bitch ass thought
If you just can’t do this anymore, say yes I will I’m never giving up

If you just don’t want to live any longer, say yes I do stop being a bother
If you just think this is too painful, say no it’s not I’m glad I’m still breathing

Life is about how you look at it in the end
Those thoughts will come up, but you have to send them away with the wind

You have to know that you do want to live or else you wouldn’t be here reading
So this poem goes out to us suicidal num-nuts to get rid of those thoughts that are misleading

We all want to live but our minds tell us forget it
When this happens to you, this poem I want you to start reciting

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