Imagine if you were living a nightmare
But you become so used to it you stop being scared
Pretend for a second you’re living in a horror movie
That’s just a glimpse of what it’s like to be me
You hear things your mind can’t explain
And shadows follow you everyday
You can’t escape no matter what you do
And you learn to accept the demons within you
The pills don’t help so you try other ways
To try to get rid of this never ending pain
You cut, smoke, and try to find love
But it never seems to be enough
So you call out to the one they say will heal
And realize this love is real
He fixes the brokenness and dries your tears
Wakes you from the nightmare and calms your fears
God saved my life and he can save yours too
You just have to open the doors and let love surround you
Imagine your life being completely changed
All because of unrelenting grace
Imagine you felt happy and free
Then you’d know what it’s like to be me

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This Poems Story

This is a poem I wrote about my mental illness and how God saved my life