Imagine By John Youhanna

Imagine a world where there is peace
A world where we are all one piece
A world that will never cease
A world, one only we will increase

No more bombs
Only songs
No more war
Only warmth

A place where we don’t care about race
A place where there is no disgrace
A place where there is love
A place where there is joy

The caged innocent will sing
The poor will become equal

United as one
For one reason

A reason to believe
No matter their belief

This is world peace
A goal only humanity will achieve

This will come in time
For all of us to shine

Though, you have been fooled
If you think this is true

This was an illusion painted by me
An illusion no one could see

The promise of world peace
The promise of becoming one piece

Thrown away by evil people
Left for the feeble

Our world is a disgrace
One only humanity has to face

Because it is an empty promise
From ones who are petty

For where we are now
We will never achieve
The promise of world peace
The promise of becoming one piece

Wars killing millions
Just because they had different opinions

As long as there is shadows in a room where a light is shone
As long as there are hurricanes that block the sun
As long as there are keys without locks
The sun shall forever be turned to stone

For this is a calling
A calling of war

For the White Rider’s fate shall be sealed
The Lamb of God broke the first seal

As a Red Mustang rode through the meadow
He giveth to a young fellow
A sword to slay
For that was all he could mold from clay

A smudge rode into town
His face had a frown
A frown of evil
A frown to weigh

Wait he said
Wait and stay

Another rider came from the forest
The first with a name
A horse of Death
For that was the God that followed to stay

The final came from the earth
But he looked more than he was worth
A horse from grass
Reins of brass

This too is coming near
A new world to bear

But you again have been fooled
If you think this is true

It’s not too late
For I still have fate

I ask of this:
A person that will follow
I beg and plead
For someone who will learn and lead

A person I yet do not know
A person that I hope will grow

It is not me
For I do not have power
Because I need someone who will not cower
A person who will not flee
My time has come
As you can see
But l will not go so willingly
Even if it is killing me

I tell you this with my last breath
As I face my death

Imagine a meadow
A meadow full of blossoms
Imagine a river
A river full of fish

For when you imagine
That is when you will really achieve

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