I could, I could, I could imagine

Wandering down the city streets
Lead by the moonlight over me
Lost in a sea of nameless faces
but somehow, her ocean eyes I can see
I have to kiss her goodnight before she's gone

It's late
Church-bells ring
It's 4AM in late November spring
And no one in sight
Just me and you and the moon in the sky
Can't remember if we're drunk or high
Stumbling, mumbling, trying to get inside
But no key, no lock, no door, no house in sight

I could I could I could imagine

Kiss her goodnight
In the shadow of the lamppost that's watching over us
She's a shadow
She's nothing but the darkness behind the light
of the moon, the post, of my inner fire
I try to reach your lips but you move along
like a shadow with its light
Times passes by, faster the more I try
And you move along one last time

Again I'm all alone
In the coldest moment of the night
Proceeding into dawn
A new kind of light catches me
Making me realise I should go to sleep
I try to admire the napalm sky
As I'm wandering down the city streets

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This Poems Story

Like the average student, I try to procrastinate as much as possible, even during the exams and somehow I got to write my first ever (serious) poem. In the middle of my exams. It was meant to be lyrics over the instrumental of Imagine by John Lennon but eventually it turned out better as a poem. The melancholic melody of the song took me back to a memory of 3-4 months ago. Another year or so before that moment, I broke up with my girlfriend because she cheated on me. I had to live through the rest of my senior year of high school with her in my classroom. (Yes we were class"mates"). And that has been the most traumatic experience in my little life so far (I know, it's pathetic). So now back to that November night that felt like spring, as summer decided to stay until mid October. I went to a party of a friend of mine, in the city where I now go to university. I would stay the night at the place of another friend, 150m further up. We got drunk, smoked some herbs, danced, sung etcetera. As the night got to an end I proceeded to make the 150m walk, all intoxicated with a cigaret in my lefthand and my phone in my right. I had my EarPods in and was listening to some lil peep, and guess, I got that melancholic feeling. More or less the same kind of feeling that I got this afternoon, listening to John Lennon. The feelings that I had, stumbling down that street on my own, remarkably stuck with me. By that time I was already long over my ex, but that somehow colourful , somehow greyish melancholic mood was something I had never experienced before. And that's the moment I tried to portray in this poem. Walking down the border of imagination and reality, one kind of light and another. Between darkness and shadow. Proceeding from one feeling into another alongside with the earths rotation. The moon, the shadow, the darkness and the lamppost making place for the sun. However, I consider this poem FAR from done. It's far from good, and the main reason I posted it here is because I'm in desperate need of someone willing to help me making it better. English isn't my mother tongue and that resulted in childish type of rhymes, also sometimes it just doesn't look poem-ish enough (If that kinda makes sense). (: In the hope that someone was willing to read until here, Thanks in advance A student that really should go back to studying.