Imagine Letting Go

Imagine letting go when things are out of your control,
accepting the things you cant change,
in order to learn from your pain.
Imagine letting go when you feel you can't take no more,
let go if you must when its your pain you struggle to trust:
saying you're letting go gives me less then more,
when its you who stands in your own way.
Your sanity is lost and your pain remains
suddenly its hard to imagine the beginning
when you're stuck in the end.
Let go for your hearts worth when it remains in your control,
dont take for granted what you hold,
it's then you simply choose to survive instead of living
time cant change what you fail to choose,
it only changes what you determine to choose.
Let go because now you can have more
if with me you choose to let go,
i'll wait for your heart
because through this pain i've learned to live.
Let go for my tears
i've cried for a heart thats been stolen
and for the pain it has chosen,
let go because your pain want allow you to feel,
and your heart struggles to find whats real,
when it's strength hidden in your fears its okay to let go
because your strength want let you fall,
and my love want let you down.

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