Imagine Mondragons

A journey like Frodo Baggins
Welcome to the New Age
"Turn, Turn, Turn", the Piscean page
What painting portrayed the Piscean Age best?
Picasso's,"Guernica",poignantly plumbed the depths
"If" I pulled and you pushed to deep
What halcyon harvest could, "Clarity", reap
Genesis, Joseph, building up from the bottom of the pit
You shouldn't see me, "Secretly Sit", in horse and bullsh..
My head was spinning, a nightmare of Germanic Power
A new dream, "It's time", to care for the people of the flower
Peace should be Universal
No puppets and pawns in a Colonel "Jessup" rehearsal
I've been complacent,"All Quiet on the Western Front"
Why are the Baumer's and Santiago's called common grunts?
I am "Breaking the Continued Silence"
Hartley an, "Operation Mindcrime", capital offense
"Cooperatively", minded Basque poeple, makes economic sense
Is it, "Hair"esy to come to their defense?
If I were on, "Trial" I would hope for the Cesar Award
"Aguirre the Wrath of God", should be avenged by the Lord
Now nights draw near to half the day
The daughter of Dante, her pen - alive like a horse's neigh
Jesus is ageless - we will pray, forever he will light the, "Way"

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