A sweltering sunlight upon a raven's back,
A hopeless riddle only the dragon could crack,
A raven's quill to write it in spared words,
A heroic hero to call once the dragon is stirred,

The twinkling star to turn on its light,
The twinned pathway to turn to at night,
The moon to trample over the star,
The minstrel to make it seem not far,

A mindless twine to wrap them together,
The sort of story to find them tethered,

What wicked witch would stride upon a pair of shoes,
What trusted treasures would a pirate chance to loose,
What gleaming gold crown would pair with an apple,
What prime princess would give up a castle,

Where would you find a prince to procure,
Where would the servant find grandeur,
Where would the whispers be not shouted,
Where would the knights be not mounted,

What dream to twist and find amiss,
Where would there be a night to miss,

When will the meek midnight bell toll,
When will the horrors find themselves droll,
When will the beast be made to release,
When will the savior's war be world peace,

Why does the mouse chase the cat,
Why does the story gawk at that,
Why does the cow's jump find itself renowned ,
Why does the clock need be wound,

When will these visions mark their end,
Why does the world see them as friend,

To make every imagining explain one's self,
Is to find no happenstance in a myriad of bookshelves.
It is a little bit of heads to tails, up and down unspoken trails,
A spin about in the wrong direction, but yet a poem I wanted to mention.

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