By Asia M   

My mom says the country that I came from was beautiful
That kids would run around and would sing and dance
Kids still run around back home
But they don't dance and sing
Instead these kids scream in terror and run for their lives
A playground for children is now a playground for soldiers

In my new land they have a saying
Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me
I repeat that to myself everyday
But everyday I come home with new scars on my heart

"Go back to where you came from", they scream at me
And I curl up into a ball and wish that I could go back to the place that mama talks about

But I can't

I didn't choose to be a refugee,
To be stuck in a country that doesn't want me
But here I am

I saw people drop left and right
The gunshot were like rain, rain that never stopped
And the steady thunder of bombs going off and off
I was in the eye of the tornado and no matter how much I cried that tornado never stopped

But one day I got lucky and I got sent to an oasis

My English teacher says to never judge a book by its cover
But I broke that rule
I thought I was brought to a paradise
But instead I was brought to a place where I am hated

I'm called the exact same thing I used to stay awake late at night afraid of

What my tormenters didn't realize is that words can change people
That twenty-six letters can cause a person to end their lives.
I am the one thing that is hated by the entire world
I am an immigrant

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I myself am not an immigrant but both my parents are. The one thing that kills me is ignorant people that refuse to educate themselves and say immigrants are ruining there lives, when all they are trying to do is to find a good life for themselves and their kids, just like their ancestors did so many years ago, when they came to the United states escaping oppression from the British.