"Tell me sir; when does my train arrive?
You see, I've got to hurry -
my cows are still out roaming the pastures -
the grass is greener they say, they say.

"One way to tell if the grass is green -
if the dirt brown, if the water clear -
if all that, then the grass must be green,
and my cows must still be roaming.

"I can hear the city sounds from this seat -
but tell me, which city is it? When shall I arrive?
For my cows must come home, you see.
Can they hear me when I whistle to them?"

To you there - the ocean is vast between us -
but do not worry, i have not left you yet
for they claim this land is of milk and honey,
but i do not know any milk sweeter than yours.

Here, the dirt is gray stone; the water brown
they say the grass is greener - why, there is no grass at all!
i have left my home, my pride, my life,
to taste this milk less sweet.

Rotten honey does not water the grass.

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