Immigrant\'s Rights

You speak of freedom and Peace?
The land of the free as its called.
The home of the brave they say.
What makes us an American?
If we constantly speak hate towards immigrants.

What freedom are we referring to? When “Americans”
Put a border between us and them.
What peace is in question? When immigrants get discriminated
For simply wanting peace.
How am I supposed to be brave?

Everyday I worry that I might not make it to my car
Without getting detained.
Or flawed with pain and racing thoughts
Land of the brave they said.
Then why do you put chains on me.

Only allowing me to move when you say so.
I will not stand still not until I get what I deserve from this country.
Not until peace is enforced for everyone like me.
Not until freedom is felt for everyone just like me.
I ask again What makes us an American?

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