Immortal Beloved

From every sparkle descending down
like the melodious drops of heaven,
to a raven unleashing a facade
from the undertones of frown,
she ties the waves of ocean and
the sailing ship to the end,
longing for the lost desires
and her fickleness, just to blend.
The screaming urge to hold her every snippet,
the blazing thought of the bodies intertwined,
the crave he held against the wall to the
melancholy of her absence turned him blind.
He scribbled fantasies on the sheets
screeching from his eyes for its junction
where the stars seeked for the constellations
and the light, for it's prolonged heat.
Drawn into the flames like a moth, he
cherishes the imperfections of her body
like a voyage from the freckle on her cheek
to the bitten sweet lip, he embodies
the blood-stricken nerves of her neck
for how he had wished to quench
the thirst of his teeth against her speck
on the left, he began to engulf her bits
with his hands wrapped around her bossoms
settling for the kisses to the button flying
deep below into the season of blossom.
The rest in her eyes to his fingertips inside
calmed him like an aftermath of storm
drenching the quill with her heavenly cries
felt as if the cadence to enter back home.
Contrasting to the music, he moved
as if a sonata leading with a bone
inside her, playing against her clit
and listening the melodies of her moan, they
jumped across dimensionally where
she claimed to be his right, where
she consumed the reality of being the
love of his life. With every breath in his ear,
he stroked the timmy tim inside
the walls that he wished to break
and seized what meant for him to take,
a sudden blow hit him on his life
when it dawned on him, the dreamy lies
he woke up defeated and caught himself
stuck inside the viscous circle of cries.

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