Immortality is a curse

My life is sorrow
My life has not end
I live on forever, but never die
Wondering if I could ever leave
Leave this world of sin
Hatred and evil everywhere
Never ending
Never starting
My death will never come
My death has never existed
A life of immortality
Is a curse to behold
A curse anyone would get rid of
People wish to live forever
All you’ll get is to see loved ones die
Past connections go away
Everything dear to you runs away
As for you never die
Your life restarts after every loved one is gone
Have hope you will not end up like me
As I wished to live on forever
So it got granted
A living curse that never ends
I have hope that I can once wish again
A wish that could come true
That I may die and pass
On over to heaven
The world where everyone I came to love
Now lives peacefully alive
I hope I can pass over
To heaven if my wish ever comes true
Just don’t send me to hell
I have learned my lesson

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