My body is numb
My heart feels weak
The breaths I take are heavier than me
I'm sinking into a coffin
But the coffin is where I sleep
They told me I was I was deranged
Blind to all that was completely fine
Though their theories are defective
Because my vision is
Clearer than the water I splash on my face
To further make myself believe that I am awake
My eyes are immune to negativity in this life
All may not be wrong but I am suffering through strife
And I need help
I am striving to shout but my words go unpronounced
My bedroom once a sanctuary
Has now become a morgue
Eating once healthy
Has now gone ignored
Insomnia like salt onto my open wounds
Too much time to think
And too many thoughts misconstrued
Creaks from the walls that I am trying to break though
They haunt me and my toes begin to cringe
Heavy breathing becomes gasps for air
Sweat begins to slide down my face
Help I need HELP
I plead and plead and plead
But the only time they'll care
Is when I'm in a deep sleep
One where I am incapable of opening my eyes
My breaths have stopped and I'm now a corpse
Laying in this bedroom
Once a sanctuary,
Now a morgue.

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