Imp of the Mind

Swirling around the vortex of thought,
Are strange ideas that tend to distort.
A shotgun wedding eloping with danger,
As I recoil to involuntary data.
Where did this come from, I scour the depths,
But there is no origin I can detect.
An Imp it seems is having its way,
It noticed my bliss and decided to play.
It knows my skin and the thickness therein,
It wriggles and squirms and works its way in.
Ceaselessly spouting thoughts of diverse terror.
Basking in merriment moments as it derives its pleasure.
It feeds on my responses; with its monstrous concoctions,
Disrupting the harmony within my own conscience.
I try to adapt, strategic in tactic,
Until the moment I finally grasped it.
Arriving at despair bemused by the burden,
I realized, I was trying to be certain.
When not tending to the possible meaning,
I noticed the Imp, screaming and shrieking.
I watched the Imp as it withered and shrank,
Its innovative ideas soon went blank.
The Imp won't leave but it cannot escape,
The trivial impact it has; since I allowed for the grey.

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