Abba I am sorry.
There is an infinite number of apologies.
I am flawed, a train wreck, imperfect.
I hate myself, I hate my struggles,
The desires that no one sees,
The hurt that is seated in my soul.
I hate the imperfections, the darkness in my heart.
I am here YAHWEH,
Cleanse my soul, my heart, my mind.
Purge me from myself, so only You remain.
I don't understand it YESHUA, that You saw me,
An imperfect, ragged mess, and saw fit to save me.
You chose me, redeemed me.
I push You away at times,
And still You choose me.
I don't deserve You, Your love, Your grace.
But You wash me in it continuously.
I can't do it without You.
I need Your conviction, direction, discipline.
Do what is necessary within me,
I want to be more like You,
Chip away all the fleshly desires, the darkness in me.
Shine Your light in the caverns of my soul.
You are perfect, holy, and good.
Take me and change me, to no longer be imperfect.

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