Imperfect Me

Although I may smile bright
You don't know what my life's like

Walk with no sight I still can see who's right

Keep my head high to the ceiling but sometimes can forget
What that's like

I can think to much but sometimes it's just right

Twelve hours on a clock may feel like time is limited
But with no time on the clock you feel like your not living it

Lonely nights with bright mornings who knows if I'm living this life right

Faith in this world but sometimes forget the meaning of the word

Loyalty from the pain while broken trust seemed so pro-pained

Loving me like third person confusion to the brain like I was a different person

Small things light up while big things take more time to notice only thing is no one took note of this

Laughter seems good for the heart but sometimes it may seem that after comes the darkness

God blessed me you see but at times I forget to take notice

Doubt my self for unclaimed love like anyone even seems to notice

Push away the good at the moment when it's finished I realized I didn't know it

Sensitive to the light it was dark all my life so now it's hard to Appreciate the little things in life

Forget true love still with emotion but who said love was a real emotion

Heart beats slow with the rhythm of the rain but my mind seems so drained

Lost of thought cant hold back my feelings of natural pain

Happiness should be easier to explain

Poets dream it seems for all to see imperfections is the way of life but then again who knows if that's right

Pretty on a face but inside use to be a very dark-place but who knows if the lights are on

Judgmental at times I forget my place

Pointing fingers in this world made my flaws feel like claws

Panther with words I don't hear any birds

Thankful for this world because it made me a strong girl that imperfect girl

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